About Us

Why Choose Lease N Ride?

Because you can remove 99% of the administrative side for the management and usage of a motorbike and ensure that, with God willing, this matter will be handled by our professionals 365 days a year. Other reasons include:

  • Do not have to budget for the purchase of motorbike
  • No registration charges
  • No insurance expenses
  • No motorbike management employees expenses
  • No lawyer expenses to clear traffic accidents issues with insurance companies
  • No need to employ mechanics for motorbike repairing
  • No expense required for periodic maintenance of the motorbike
  • No expense required for motorbike maintenance at external workshops
  • No expense for a mobile workshop to provie support service on the road
  • No need for annual depreciation expense for motorbike

In addition to the above, our organization will replace the motorbike with a brand new one every three years. For the convenience of our clients, we will provide access to three workshops in the emirate of Dubai, for periodic maintenance. Best of all, it takes only 45 minutes and the bike is ready to run again, free of charge.